The postural muscles: our Psoas muscles. When our very powerful Psoas muscles are tight and unable to be flexible they have already changed our posture.

When the posture is not aligned it means that our spine and our other joints in our body are compromised.  This means they are not working as they should be or could be. So think of a car driving with bad alignment and the damage this is causing to the car. Not only are the tyres wearing out sooner but other areas are also not going to work in the way they are meant to. How much more important is our body to keep this working in it’s optimal condition than a car?

If you think of the spine in engineering terms it is one unit. When one end of that unit is changed it simultaneously changes the whole unit.

When the Psoas muscles distort the lower spine, the spine is affected all the way along right up into the cervical spine where the majority of headaches originate.

So, further up the spine the neck becomes Lordotic meaning that this changes where our head needs to be placed over the spine and this produces a forward head posture. This neck and head posture is placing a lot of strain onto the back neck muscles that over the course of the day become over worked and tired and restricting the blood flow into our head.

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