As a physiotherapist we are taught to treat pain and movement is almost a secondary consideration. In my experience I have discovered that unless we get better body movement first then it is harder to resolve back pain or indeed any other pain in the body

Why is this?

It is because our brain is the organ that determines if we get pain or not. Our brain wants to Evolve: that’s its sole purpose to enable it to keep reinventing and upgrading itslef. It is our body (the brains host) that enables it to do that.

So, if our brain is picking up that this machine ( our body ) is not moving well it is out of alignment and the pelvis is tilted then the brain feels threatened. The only way our brain has to communicate with us is to send a noxious input into our body : Pain is the noxious input.

So when we get back pain we are prompted to go out and seek out help to get rid of the pain.

The common approach to pain is to treat the back pain where it is felt. And yes the pain can go: for a short while. However, if your brain is still picking up that your out of alignment and your overall movement is still not good then it will send pain again and again.

At Posturepro we give your brain what it wants and then it will give you what you want: to be pain free.