Strengthening the Abdominals Alone Wont work

If you only work at the “Core” as its commonly called (which is your deep abdominal muscles) and ignore the deepest core muscles (your Soaz ) muscles, then you will forever have to work on your abdominals because alone the abdominals cant work without the Soaz working in harmony with them.

In fact, I propose that the Soaz is the reason that the Abdominals are not able to activate or perform as they should. Both these muscle groups ( the Soaz and the Abdominals) were designed to work synchronistically or in harmony with each other as well as acting as opposing forces to maintain the force tension between opposing movements.

Think of these two opposing muscle groups, ( the Soaz and the Abdominals) as the guide wires of a tent. to get and keep the tent up, you need equal and opposing forces acting on all the ropes otherwise you end up with some too tight and some not working as they should. this resulting in sagging or weakness on one side of the tent and too much tension on the other. Where there is too much tension on the tent you will also see that the tent leans or is pulled toward the side of too much tension.

This is what happens in the deepest part of our spine and pelvis when we have tight unresponsive Soaz muscles and Weak overstretched Abdominal muscles. So, just strengthening the weak Abdominals is only doing part of the job of getting balance and support for your back and pelvic areas. The Soaz muscles when tight and dry ( as is usually the case) with Back and Pelvic pain will arch the low back and pull the lower spine backward ( often referred to as sway back). When this happens, The Stomach protrudes forward and the abdominals become overstretched and weak. So, trying to just strengthen the Abdominals alone will not address the problem long term.

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