The Core and why it causes Back pain

Why you need to look after and Love your Psoas muscles:

Your core is a group of muscles that alone cannot get you a better Back.

If you concentrate on strengthening only this group of muscles then you are neglecting the most important and Huge group of muscles: The Psoas.

Our most important Postural muscles (The Psoas) are the ones that cause compression and shearing forces over our low spine and in turn this causes Back pain.

As a physiotherapist I have always prescribed core work and still do. What I no longer do is give core exercises until they have a responsive Psoas muscle.

The reason for this is that the Core  muscles working alone over powers the Psoas and because the Psoas is already very tight and compressed then the result is like a concrete sandwich which will affect your back leading to back pain.

At Posturepro we specialize in the Psoas muscle and we give it lots of Love!!

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