Why is the Body Constantly Rebuilding Itself?

The Body Constantly Rebuilds Itself

Did you know that the body you had yesterday, is not the one you have today

and why is the body constantly rebuilding itself?  The bodies cells are constantly re-birthing and re-creating themselves.  Therefore when you injure yourself, the body immediately starts to scoop up the injured tissues and starts to renew the site of injury without any help from us – its automatic.

So the only thing we really need to do to assist this process is to provide the right internal environment to allow the body to get on with what it naturally does.  Having a great internal structure for the spine to send the messages to the individual cells is the best thing we can do to assist the body being able to rebuild itself.

Having a great spinal alignment will aid and speed up this process.

The Psoas muscle is intrinsic to this process because when working optimally it will keep the spinal alignment in good balance therefore promoting healing.

Make sure to eat healthy and flush out the toxins by drinking about 6-8 glasses of room temperature water a day and keeping some moderate form of exercise like brisk walking at least 5 times per week and your injuries will heal in a timely fashion.

So to answer my question why? The body doesn’t know any other way.

Workout Injuries and how to Prevent them

As a Physiotherapist, I see many people who injure themselves in an attempt to get themselves fit and healthy

The downside of this is that they sometimes never return to their fitness or gym program. The typical sequence of events is that when someone injures they will seek out a physiotherapist.

The first thing they will advise is to stop the aggravating activity while they undertake treatment. During this phase the body is constantly rebuilding itself.

When the person is ready to return to their fitness regime, they may decide not to go back to where they injured themselves for fear of re-injury.

They may consider that the personal trainer did not take due care to make sure they had good technique and follow through.  This person may then start looking around for another facility or worse not bother to return at all, especially if that injury has had an impact on the performance of their job, or personal life. But still the body is constantly rebuilding itself.

One of the major causes or recurrent workout injury is not having an optimal posture before beginning in the gym.

This results in extra strain over joints especially in the spine when executing an exercise.  The main postural muscle in the body is the Psoas muscle. Before even beginning a gym program or starting at a fitness centre I recommend getting your Psoas checked and working optimally to reduce and even prevent many workout injuries from occurring and reoccurring.

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