Start With The Foundations Of Back Pain

Start With The Foundations Of Back Pain!

Unless You Start With The Foundations Your Back Pain Will Not Resolve.

Back pain is where you feel pain but it is not where the problem is that is causing the back pain.

Now I know this probably sounds at odds with how you have been having your back pain treated and what the treatment involves for traditional treatment.

The traditional treatment for back pain is to treat where you feel your pain: the back.

Let me ask you this. If that is working then why do you Still continue to suffer with back pain?

Let Me Present A New Vision Of Back Pain

Back pain is the result of a compressed and tight muscles that sits directly onto our spine. These muscles (our psoas muscles) are our walking muscles. They are constantly under compression from sitting. Over time the muscles take on a shortened position and by doing this they compress the spine, discs and nerves in the low back. This compression results in damage to these structures and pain in the low back is the result.

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To just treat the low back pain is like patching up a crack in the wall

So if you think of a house with bad foundations and the resultant damage this causes inside the house but  you only patch up the cracks all the time instead of addressing the foundations of the house, then of course the cracks keep appearing and the house stays unsupported. So to fix your foundations, you do not treat the back.

Non Surgical Spinal Decompression for Back Pain

The Soaz method which is the method that has been developed at my clinic is seeing outstanding results for not only back pain but lots of other issues in the body.

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