Woman 52 having left sided back leg and buttock pain with pins and needles into the foot,  recent episode. Has had problem 5 years. Having trouble sitting at work , lying on her left side at night and walking

Has seen various other therapists over this time. Functional movements were as follows. Could only bend forward to touch top of knees. Her turning movements were tight on the right to about half

Also her neck movement to the right was also about half.  After only 2 visits this lady reported feeling 75{aa08200f58e1be59f5321df11567a74927be23468567807ce8c9db9ed845c2fa} better. She was able to bend to touch the floor,  Her turning movement had improved to full

Her Back pain and leg pain had gone. She was able to sleep on her L side pain free and also was able to sit at work pain free. This all without going  to her back where her pain was.

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