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Want to run pain free and increase your stride length?

Posturepro and our SOAZ running performance practitioners can help today!

Stride length is one of the determining factors to be able to run faster and more balanced for all runners. The Psoas major muscle determines the stride length. When this muscle is tight or inflexible then the stride length will be compromised and so will your running ability.

There is a common misconception among runners that all you need to do is have flexible hamstrings and stretch your calves to be able to run well.


However, the Psoas major is your walking/running muscle. Without this working optimally you will not be able to reach the peak of your performance The other misconception among therapists is the belief that if you treat the Psoas tendon alone then that is sufficient – but just treating a tendon of any muscle will not change its flexibility or achieve changes in joint movement.

I would go even further – If a tendon is damaged or injured in a muscle then it is more likely to be because the muscle itself is not fluid or flexible enough and the strain is placed onto the tendon of that muscle. Many of the runners who come in to have their Psoas treated also have leg length discrepancies – meaning one leg is shorter than the other This imbalance will also affect the ability of the pelvis to work in harmony and balance one side to the other which will also effect your running cadence.