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Golf Swing Analysis Specialist

Want relief from pain and improve your swing?

Posturepro and our SOAZ golf swing analysis practitioners can help today!

The most important movement for all golfers is their ability to have great trunk rotation.  When the trunk cannot rotate freely this puts a huge amount of strain onto the shoulders, neck and low back.  When your trunk rotation improves you are able to drive the golf ball further and with less exertion of energy.

So, if you are struggling with your golf game and having problems with you neck, shoulders or back and in spite of having these areas treated you are still limited in rotation – then the Soaz method can help regain movement you have not seen before.


Our technique is getting better trunk , hip and shoulder movement and when you have this then you will not be straining these areas. Many of the Golfers treated here have come in with these conditions not realising that their condition has been brought on by less than optimal trunk rotation which puts strain onto those areas. After the Soaz method they have trunk rotation that gives them the ability to get the best swing in their golf.

Our golfers report some of their best golf played after the Soaz method Golf is one of the sports that has become very popular and that can be played solo or with a group of friends. So if you are not getting the performance that you desire and you are thinking that maybe this is as good as it is going to get – Come and see what the Soaz method can get for you It will allow you to have the edge over your competitors.