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Looking to improve your cycling and increase performance?

Their discomfort on the bike is a secondary issue.

One of our successes that highlights the evidence based results we achieve is below:

A serious cyclist was referred to us by Steve Hogg of

On presenting this 60+ year old male had

• 1.5 inch leg length shortness

• Constant spasm into mid and low spine after cycling

• Unable to walk more than 500 metres due to back pain

• 50-80% joint restrictions in Hip flexors, Trunk rotation, shoulder rotation and neck rotation In spite of having ongoing physiotherapy for many years prior to seeing us He had also been provided a substantial heel raise to address his short leg.

After the Soaz method:

• Leg length equal

• Mid and low back pain resolved

• Able to walk pain free

• All joint restrictions resolved

• Bike seat able to be centred

• Cleat stacks removed from pedal

• Heel raise not needed in his shoe The soaz method has the ability to change your movement and provide you with the absolute best chance of your body being able to perform to its optimum potential.

“ Stability and proprioceptive awareness are what you need on the bike to allow you to hold yourself squarely on the seat. I suggest you contact Julie Williams of Posturpro for this task”

Steve Hogg. NSW


Posturepro and our SOAZ practitioners can help today.

Are you finding it a struggle to get the most enjoyment out of your cycling or finding that you can only reach a certain level and then you start to taper off.  Have you had to have your seat ‘off set’ because you do not sit balanced on the seat or cleat stacks added to maintain even pedal action.

Do your knees laterally track or do you get back and groin pain that keeps returning?  If so the Soaz method can help get you to your peak performance on the bike.

Knowing how to effectively treat the Psoas muscle is the key to getting you great results.  As a keen cyclist who wants to enjoy and excel at their chosen sport the best advice I can give you as the developer of the Soaz method is to make sure your body is performing at its absolute best.

The Psoas muscle is the main muscle to take care of in this persuit. This is the muscle that when tight or out of balance can lead to the following problems on the bike. The cyclists that come in to have their Psoas treated with us come to us wanting to improve their cycling performance .