SOAZ Treatment for Back Pain and Incontinence

 SOAZ Treatment for Back Pain and Incontinence

What do these have in common?

Stress Incontinence is a condition that affects many women after childbirth.  The Pelvic “Sling” which has become stretched and weak no longer has the same ability to support the bladder and bowel as it did prior to giving birth.  So when you lift things like shopping bags or your children this sling has lost its elasticity or ability to respond to this increase in pressure.  As Physiotherapists we are trained to teach Pelvic Floor exercises to rehabilitate these muscles and avoid ongoing incontinence.  With retraining these muscles they respond well and the exercises are very easy to do.

The other muscle group within the Pelvic cavity is the psoas muscles.  In Pregnancy, these muscles are like two extra support structures for the spine.  As the baby grows the psoas muscles stretch out and help support the baby and the spine accommodating for extra weight and load under gravity.

It is after birth that the psoas muscles shorten again and go back to doing their job of being our walking muscles and keeping us in an upright position against gravity.

As these muscles exert about 100kg of force over our spines daily there is no denying that they have great strength and ability to shear and rupture discs, creating a cascade of events to begin resulting in Back and Pelvic pain.

One of the other effects these muscles have is their ability to push on and distort the viscera and organs that sit around them in the pelvis.  These forces that affect the discs and lead to Back pain are the same as that cited in the Bowel displacement.

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Other benefits of treating the psoas muscles and that I hear back from my Female clients is that after treating these muscles for their Back Pain, they also have experienced a lessening of their incontinence symptoms.  This is without any surgery or internal treatment.  So, if you are needing help with your incontinence issues, come in and we will check your psoas muscles.

They may be the first step in alleviating your Incontinence.

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