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Sitting Posture and the Psoas muscle

From the moment we are born we are constantly sitting. As a young child we learn to sit before we learn to stand.

When we go to school we spend most of our time sitting in the classroom or studying at a desk with a computer or notebook.

As we get older, we go off to work which means more sitting at a desk with a computer, attending meetings and sitting to have our lunch.

Sitting and bending also occurs when we travel, whether in a car, plane or bus and also while we are out in the park enjoying our leisure time socialising with friends. So over time our posture will change and our spine starts to compress.

We may start to experience stiffness and then pain in to our back, hip, groin, or higher up the spine into our neck or shoulders.

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The Psoas muscles (our postural muscles) are our foundational muscles that during sitting compress over our spine and start to damage our spine disc and nerves leading to pain. Traditional methods will treat where pain is felt, the symptom.

The Soaz method does not work on the body in this way, rather by changing the posture and alignment in the body, pain will resolve naturally.

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It is the evolution to new movement first before pain will go.

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