Stop squirming in your chair and having to get up all the time to relieve your Back pain

Or use your hands on your legs to help push you into standing

Not only is this inconvenient but it can also become an embarrassment when your colleagues ask why you’re up and down all day.  Not to mention your boss.

Do you know WHY sitting is one of the most damaging positions for your low back?

If you don’t you are not alone. Even therapists do not know this.

Sitting is the position that produces Huge forces over the low spine discs nerves and ligaments of the body.  But where does this force originate from?

From the incredibly huge and  powerful postural muscles that sit directly onto our low spine.

Read my book here and you will understand how this happens

So when your back pain virtually starts to rule your life and dictates what you can and can’t do then maybe you need to know about a different approach to resolving your back pain.

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