Why do Women get shoulder pain?

As a Physiotherapist of twenty years, I am always amazed that women with shoulder pain have no idea how they got it.

On questioning them about their activities and things like what sports they are involved in there doesnt seem to be any convincing reason Why they have this condition. After all, this condition is most prevalent in the group who would be using their arm in an elevated position on a regular basis and over a long period of time.

Some of the groups I would see presenting with shoulder pain would be painters who may use their arm in the elevated position repetitively over many years. Another group could be swimmers also bringing their arm over their head in the elvevated position in a repetitive way. Or someone who decides they are going to trim all the tall trees and shrubs in their garden and for the next several hours uses the arms in this overhead position.

But for Women who dont fit the above circumstances there is usually another explanation.

Well, it took me a few years to work this out because I am not one of these women. Can you guess what the contributing factor might be?

Doing their Bra up from the Back

This practice is wide and ingrained in many women of a certain age group and because it jams up the tendon that sits under the acromioclavicular joint ( A.C.) joint the tendon starts to become inflamed and can even tear over time.

As I have never done my bra up this way, it took me some time to work out how this group was getting their shoulder pain.

So, if you are a woman suffering from this debilitating condition called Impingement of the shoulder, then the simple answer is to stop doing your bra up at the back and start to do it up at the Front.

Sounds simple? it is. Because most injuries require you to stop the aggravating activity and then start to help your shoulder recover by using some form of massage or heat to encourage the blood to get into the area of pain. This stimulation will help the Blood and its contents to start the healing process.

After the pain starts to subside begin a strengthening regime for the rotator cuff and the deltoid muscles. This should be done under the guidance of a Physiotherapist so you dont start the whole process off again by doing the exercises in the wrong way.

So, if you need some help with shoulder pain, call us at Posturepro.