No known cause, no known cure in the medical literature

What is the Cause of this insidious debilitating condition. I have done some reading up on this condition that seems to plague its victims mainly in the early hours of the morning preventing sleep night after night so that sleep becomes an elusive quest.

From what I have heard and read, it seems that the lack of sleep becomes more of a problem in chronic cases sometimes as I understand it to the point of desperation and in some cases suicide can be contemplated.

This elusive phenomenon that I have had some success with in my clinic perhaps by default. I have reasoned that the positions that it sneaks up on the victim is usually in the foetal position in bed. as soon as the person arises and starts to pace it subsides.

I have also had feedback from one of my own clients that one of the positions I place my clients into during the Soaz treatment for painful Back or Pelvis is also a position that has helped when this mixture of symptoms starts.

I consider that the entrapment syndrome of the very small area in the groin where the artery and nerve bundle need to traverse is compromised usually by the Psoas muscle. Perhaps as the person compromises it even more in the foetal position it is impossible to get either blood or maybe even nerve impulses past this point. So that muscles which rely on both feel the need to move to find this lifeblood.

just a thought.