Before I assess someone I can already predict they have back pain. All I have to do is look at how they are walking. I see evidence of this every day in just observing people in the street and how they are walking. I would love to go up to them and suggest they have a tight Psoas muscle that is causing their Back and probably also a hip pain and that I would love to help them to get relief by treating their Psoas muscles: not their back.

The signs are very evident. They look stiff and they are not able to extend their leg to full stride length. Their pelvis rotates over the stiff hip in an effort to gain more forward movement: and in doing that the cartilage starts to wear out on that hip.

I want to tell them they have tight restricted walking muscles (The Psoas muscles) and that treating their Back where their pain is will not work just as treating their hip pain will not work long term

I think it’s a tragedy because not only will their back pain not resolve but they will probably be sent off to an orthopaedic surgeon for a hip replacement.

Get your Psoas muscles treated and free up your spine and hip naturally.

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