Posture, Back Pain and Arthritis

Degenerative Joint Disease (Arthritis) is the disease of the joints

of the body, an irritation caused by FRICTION creating wear and tear of the joints due to unbalanced forces acting over that joint.

It is the same forces produced by our postural muscles that also starts a cascade of events along the spine causing compression over our discs and bending or distortion of our spine.

The Soaz method  (exclusive to Posturepro physiotherapy) has the skills and knowhow of changing your posture

This is the process that starts changes to our alignment and results in Postural Distortions.

So bad posture creates back pain and arthritis.

What Structure Creates Postural Distortions?

Muscles are the only structure that create the forces powerful enough to impact the joints.  When the muscles become tight, unresponsive and weak, then the joints around them have already started to deteriorate, causing bone spurs and calcification, inflammation leading to joint pain – commonly called Arthritis.

Medications Will Not Stop the Wear and Are Only a Short Term Solution

Your GP may start you on a course of anti inflamatories or even pain killers for the arthritic pain.  These medications can give you short term relief from pain but they do not stop the process of joint degeneration from continuing.

Eventually your GP will have to prescribe stronger pain killers for your pain and still the process of degeneration will continue.

Back Pain and Sciatica

These same Postural Muscles that are out of balance, tight or weak, leads to break down in the body’s Kinetic Chain.

So if you want to find out what we do here at Posturepro Physiotherapy

to reverse this compression force and the wear on the joints from this compression force

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