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and discover the reason that most people do Not have good posture and Why having Flawed posture leads to damage in your Spine discs and joints and Pain.

In fact most people I see  have extremely bad posture

Optimal Posture is one of the most important assets  we can own.

When you look tall and confident you look younger and more energetic.

As we age our Postural Alignment starts to sag and our spine tilts forward creating an old appearance.

The Posture is like the foundations of a house.

If you have crumbling foundations then you will always have problems with your house. The walls begin to crack and the windows and doors start to jam.

Our bodies are very much like that house. So in the process of developing Bad posture over several years our Alignment also starts to crumple. Our Head moves forward and our shoulders start to become rounded our hips start to tilt  and our leg length changes.

So I am betting if you have less than optimal Posture you will also be experiencing Pain somewhere in your body.

These alignment problems  will create pain into our backs, groin, hips, legs and neck.

Because our alignment is the one thing that if its looked after then we should not have pain.

The pain results from the Friction on joints nerves and muscles in the body when the Alignment is poor.

So the bonus from looking after your Posture is that you should also have very little pain in your body.

Posturepro physiotherapy has discovered the holy grail of enabling Good Posture.

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