Non Surgical  Decompression for Back Pain

The above video shows our Huge Psoas Major muscles that sit directly onto our low spine. These are our walking muscles and so when we are upright and walking or running they are Elongated so they can work properly.

When we are sitting or our hips are in a fully flexed position then these muscles Compress and become short

and are not able to work. In fact they become so compressed that over time from when we start sitting as babies and right through our school and working life we are predominantly sitting these muscles become chronically tight and unresponsive.

The Psoas Muscles Create Damage To Our Spine and Discs

As you can see in the above video these muscles are so powerful that they not only compress our low spine causing damage and pain but they change our whole posture and alignment in the body. So powerful are they that affect our whole body.

Back pain is the result of a compressed and tight muscle that sits directly onto our spine.

These muscles (our psoas muscles) are our walking muscles. They are constantly under compression from sitting. Over time the muscles take on a shortened position and by doing this they compress the spine, discs and nerves in the low back particularly. This compression results in damage to these structures and pain in the low back is the result.

Posture pro are able to Reverse this Compression and Get Your Back Pain Resolved

To just treat the low back pain is like patching up a crack in the wall of a house instead of addressing the foundations of the house.

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Here at Posturepro the Soaz method can achieve non surgical Lumbar spinal decompression that starts to reverse this process and realign the spine.

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