No back pain now 

No Back Pain Now does not Mean you are Better!  It is just the interim period between episodes 

No back pain now does not mean you are better, but I am sure you already know this.  You have been having treatment ongoing for your back pain and it gets better for a while and then there it is again.  It’s like a merry go round you can’t really plan anything ahead of time for fear that if you do, it will return.  I see this all the time with people who come into my clinic and they tell me about their problem.

Treating the Symptom will not Get Rid of It

In my clinic I do not treat Back pain, I treat what causes it.  My clients get predictable and repeatable results that last.  The program addresses the postural muscles and realigns the body to work in its optimal condition.  This method makes it possible for the body to work well and move well.  When we can move well we should not be having any pain.

The Postural Muscles change our Alignment

I understand  you may have never been given the explanation of why you have back pain by your current medical practitioner or therapist.  This is because they do not know what causes it.  They are trained to treat where it is felt: the back.  The evidence that treating the pain area does not work is backed up by the three year study by the Lancet medical journal.

The Medical Journal The Lancet States That We Need a New Direction In Treating Back Pain

“Low back pain is a major global problem  that is getting worse as the population increases and ages.  In March this year, The Lancet published a series of three papers on the global impact of low back pain that, respectively, present the challenges and causes of low back pain, the evidence for the effectiveness of current treatments, and a call for action for change”

At Posturepro we have the answer that has given our clients lasting and predictable results.

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