Neck pain and Headaches - how to resolve them

Neck Pain and Headaches can be Resolved!

Neck pain and Headaches can be resolved, but not by treating the symptoms.

If you suffer from repeat episodes of headache or migraine then treating the underlying cause is necessary for ongoing results.

If you are a victim of ongoing headaches or migraines experiencing nausea or vomiting or auras that prevent you from doing your job or being able to perform your normal daily routines and have had ongoing treatments that do not work then I have the answer for you.

Stop taking medication for your neck or headache pain and free yourself

If you have been having treatments that work for a while and then the headache or neck pain returns then it is likely that you are not having the correct area treated.

Treatment is usually directed into the top of the neck for cervicogenic headaches and this may provide short term relief; but without changing the alignment and posture the headaches and neck pain will return.

Most Therapists do not know how to Change Posture that leads to Headaches

When you come to Posturepro clinic you will experience a totally new approach to treatment.  This approach takes the time to check all of the important contributing factors leading to headaches and neck pain.

Only by taking this approach can unbelievable changes start to occur in your body and your posture and therefore your headaches become a thing of the past.

Posturepro has the proven method to eliminate your Headaches and neck pain

Why do headaches keep returning?  Because the structure in the body that leads to Headaches is never treated. Therapists only treat the way they were trained at the university.  These methods are fast fading because they aim to treat where the symptom is not the origin.

Get Your Headaches Resolved for Good

When you come to Posturepro you will be educated about the body as a whole integrated unit.  By doing this and showing you exactly why you continue to get headaches, you will know why the traditional methods are not working.  When you’re shown a new vision, a new perspective of the body and how it is fully inter-dependent then you will know why your headaches keep returning.

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