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That is keeping your Back pain returning.

One of the first things someone with back pain will do is visit their Doctor.

Your Doctor may advise that you go to be and rest. The extensive research on low back pain tells us that going to bed and resting is not going to help but make your back worse. You must keep moving but moving sensibly and especially in the early stages so as not to upset your back more.

Physiotherapists are traind in how to do this and they can advise you on how to move without upsetting your back further.

Your Doctor more than likely will also send you off for an X-ray or a Scan or an MRI. the research also tells us that there will be some degeneration to your low spine. This is normal in the aging process and because of our sitting constantly. But just because you have degeneration that is not what has caused your pain.

So just having these scans will not get your Back pain better and may even lead you to believe that there is no hope of you getting better.

this is Not the case. Most of my clients have had scans that show degeneration in the spine from moderate to advanced. However, I can still get their back pain resolved with the method I use at Posturepro.

The other myth is that you can get back pain better by treating your back pain.

the latest research from an extensive three year investigation across the globe into back pain and published in the prestigious medical journal the Lancet stated that what All musculoskeletal therapists are doing to treat back pain is not working and we need to find a better way of treating it.

The method I have developed at my clinic over the last 15 years has been achieving amazing results for back pain and movement.

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