Posturepro Physiotherapy Adelaide image of physio treating patient suffering from knee pain

When your doctor tells you that you have arthritis in the knee and you are taking anti inflamatories for it and you come in to see me your therapist that is treating you for something else:  and you just happen to mention that your knee is sore after working out in the gym

– And my ‘physio’ brain lights up thinking this is not arthritis and you get a response back from the client that is wondering why you are asking about the knee when she isn’t here about her knee that is slight annoyance that you are even talking about the knee.

Ok I could just let it go and treat what I have been seeing her for. But I suggest that I don’t think its arthritis and would she like me to do a test on it for what I believe she has.

Finally she says ok so I do a test for a Cartilage injury and it comes up positive.

So she has a Cartilage injury and I ask if she would like me to treat it for her.

Ok but my doctor told me its arthritis!

This brings up the dilemma for a patient / client of WHO do they listen to?  It results in Confusion for them

I try to explain to her that Doctors train in different areas to Physiotherapists.  They are good with blood pressure heart digestive and disease systems in the body.  Physiotherapists are the experts in Bone, Muscle, Ligament, and other soft tissue and fitness and exercise prescription.

So who would you rather see for a musculoskeletal problem?

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