Treating only pain in the body and ignoring posture and restriction is counterproductive to getting long term results.  First we have to give our brain what it wants. And our brain wants to have a machine that is working at its optimal capacity.

One of the things our brain picks up is when our body ( its host)  is not moving well: it sees that as a threat.

All our brain wants to do is Evolve. And it needs its host (our body) to be working well to enable it to do this.

When it is picking up that you are restricted in your movement and that you are out of alignment your body is not working like a well oiled machine then it feels threatened.

So the first thing to change is our movement and posture.

When the brain can feel the body moving well and in balance then it does not  need to send pain into our body.

Better movement is vital as we move into old age.

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