I applaud our professional body the Australian Physiotherapy Association for publishing the facts on low back pain in the latest journal and bringing it front and centre of mind for all therapists unequivocally states that the evidence is that the statistics on  people who suffer low back pain shows that they will continue to get repeat episodes after they have treatment.

These episodes come on quite quickly and depending on how many previous episodes have been experienced the time between each subsequent episode is within a few months. This is in spite of having had treatment and other interventions for the back pain.

This may be good for business but I think it is time we meet the challenge of being able to get a better outcome for these people who have put their faith and trust in us to deliver them the best outcomes.

In my experience with the method I use and that does get ongoing results I have people return again and again because they want to Stay good. They say that they are moving better and that they are able to do things they have not dared to do previously with other treatments.

So if what the majority of therapists inside and outside of physiotherapy ( across all musculoskeletal disciplines)  is not working: Why do we continue to treat back pain as we have for the last fifty to sixty years and how we are still training undergraduates to treat today in the university.

I think its time for some long awaited honest discussion within our profession in an endeavour to stop over diagnosing symptoms  and start  looking at the body as a whole and stop compartmentalising it into pain areas then we can resolve pain ongoing.

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