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I use the New Movement for Back pain model to get people moving fast and pain free quickly.

There are three points of difference with how I treat pain and how other therapists treat pain

  •  I Look at the Body as a whole I do not compartmentalize the body
  •  I look inside the body to the structure that causes back pain
  • I do not treat the back pain

My approach to all pain in the body is to first look at the alignment and posture and work on correcting this first.

When the  body is well aligned and has good movement then pain should resolve.

Think of it like a car with bad alignment: the tyres keep wearing out and  if you only keep having the tyres changed then you must expect that the orginal pain will return

I used to treat that way. but never felt satisfied so I began my journed of discovery and research into the body and found a new way to approach it. I have been treating this way for the last 12 years and my clients stay good as long as they continue to look after the structure that is important.

If you are still suffering with Back hip or leg pain that still keeps returning: I can show you how the method I use resolves back pain.

Come in to see us for a FREE assessment and find out how I do this.      Download my book below:


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