Having hot flushes is no fun.
At Posturepro physiotherapy clinic we have been able to relieve the symptoms of hot flushes with Acupuncture very quickly
please see the results for one of our clients who came to us with Back pain and also hot flushes.
Just recently, Julie did acupuncture for me to try to alleviate hot flushes/flashes, we’ve done two sessions and my hot flushes I think have reduced by maybe 30%…I have in the last week stopped y HRT gel so I’ll have a truer picture over the next week or two, but so far I’m confident that the acupuncture is working enough for me to stop the hormones, which is great, because the risk of cancer in my family is higher and ideally would like to be off all medications for this.

Hot flushes come on suddenly and are usually felt over the face, neck and chest areas. They can also make you sweat profusely. So with hot weather about to start these symptoms can make life very unpleasant.

Menopause is commonly the cause. The sympoms can vary between women: some experience these several times a day to weekly episodes.
The cause is believed to be related to the hormonal changes that occur during menopause.
Nighttime sweats can wake you from sleep and over time cause chronic insomnia.
Risk Factors:
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise.

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