This is a review from the lady with the Headache and neck pain from the last two posts.

I  went to Posture Pro 7 weeks ago as I was in such a mess with pain in my neck and shoulders causing immense headaches. When I first went to see Julie, it wasn’t exactly what I expected and I was a little sceptical. But after only one appointment and treatment of the Soaz muscle, I felt immediate relief of the headaches the next day. I was so amazed that I continued treatment and follow up sessions. Julie also taught me 2 exercises to practise at home which are simple to do anywhere and this has certainly sustained and maintained my recovery. I often say to friends and family that ‘I feel like a new woman’ and I don’t lie when I say this! I have a 4 year old girl and I’m in my 40’s and was starting to feel all the aches and pains when we played – I now feel like a well oiled machine where my bones just move smoothly. Thank you Julie – forever grateful!
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