When I Googled Back Pain Reliefexercise and back pain

When I put into google “back pain relief” the things that come up are concerning.

The marketing for Back bridge supports, Posture braces, Back braces, Tens machines, Magnetic pads, all types of pain killers, exercise suggestions, upside down tables, balls to stick into the back area and many more and Still we are not winning the war on back pain.

Well if these gadgets work, why are there so many different solutions?

Because these are not meant to get back pain better, they are like bandaids that will give short term relief only – and if that is all you want then fine – but most people I see want a resolution to their back pain ongoing.

The Medical Journal The Lancet did a three year investigation into the outcomes of back pain treatments

across all therapists and across the globe and came to the conclusion that there needs to be a change in the way we approach back pain

I have to ask WHY are there so many different approaches and suggestions on how to treat this global phenomenon?

Because we are approaching back pain from the symptom not the cause.

If you want to get your back pain better ongoing then you need to treat what is causing it

the Soaz Method does this.

To keep treating where your BACK PAIN is, is never going to get your back pain resolved long term.

You can spend thousands of dollars over many years and still your back pain is no better.

So if you want to get rid of your back pain for good

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