Are you experiencing urine leakage

Why having a flexible Psoas muscle can help Incontinence.

Are you experiencing urine leakage or urgency or maybe avoiding certain activities like exercise or even socialising, perhaps getting up several times a night to visit the bathroom.

This can be a disabling condition that impacts onto every aspect of your life.

One of the strategies is to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Another strategy is to make sure that your Psoas muscles are not tight and pushing down onto your Bladder.

I would suggest that the first thing to check is the Psoas muscle and make sure it is a fluid and responsive muscle, and only then start the pelvic floor muscle strengthening.

At Posturepro we can help you to understand the biomechanics of stress incontinence and show you the sturctures around the bladder and then structure a treatment plan to address the issue.

Pelvic floor exercises along with a flexible Psoas muscle can help urine leakage.

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