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Physiotherapy For Foot & Knee Pain

Posturepro Physiotherapy in Adelaide provides help for foot and knee pain to the local areas of Greenacres, Northgate, Lightsview, Walkley Heights & Windsor Gardens.

Many athletes suffer foot and knee pain because their chosen sport may require activities that involve running , jumping and turning with high velocity all of these place strain onto the Foot Knee and hip areas of the lower limb. But even in the home and work environment activities like repetitive squatting and bending using the stairs frequently getting in and out of 4 wheel drive vehicles , kneeling or getting up under load all of these can result in wear and tear on the cartilage of the Knee ( the meniscus)

Many Running injuries result from wearing improper footwear – over training and not warming up or cooling down properly.

Common Injuries From Running are


Pain at the front of the foot when weight bearing or on ‘ push off’ can be from irritation of the small joints in the toes. The pain can be most excruciating first thing when getting up in the morning. High impact type activities where jumping or running on hard surfaces with inadequate support of the foot joints will lead to wear and tear of these tiny bones in the ball of the foot . Wearing shoes with soles that are too thin or that do not have an adequate arch support can lead to this foot injury and women who wear high heels are also at risk

Achilles Tendonitis

Over pronated feet ( flat feet) can result in the hind foot being forced into a distorted position placing the Achilles Tendon into a less than optimal position and causing strain. This is a painful condition experienced in runners who have inadequate arch support and causing the foot to flatten and strain the tendon. Repetition with these poor foot biomechanics leads to the deterioration of the Achilles  characterized by pain in the back of the heel which increases with exercise. Untreated this will eventually lead to difficulty just walking or rising up onto the toes.

The iliotibial Band

This thick sheath of connective tissue that runs from the hip to the knee acts to aid in bending the knee and taking the leg out sideways.The rubbing of this band over the outside of the knee causes friction in these areas leading to pain and decreased function. It is found predominantly in runners and is called ‘runners knee’. Symptoms include a burning sensation on the outside of the knee and worsening pain when the foot strikes the ground.

Shin Splints

This condition is felt at the front part of the lower leg ( the Tibia) inside the shin bone. The typical pattern of Pain begins at the start of an exercise fading away during the exercise ( in the early stages) in a more chronic stage this may deteriorate to such a degree that no exercise is possible bringing on immediate excruciating pain. Treatment involves rest to allow the injury to heal. Icing and antiinflamatories can also give temporary relief. The solution maybe better biomechanics of the feet or in extreme cases of compartment syndrome even surgery.

Calf Strain

Symptoms of calf strain are sudden pain at the back of the lower leg – difficulty standing on to the toes, swelling and bruising into the calf itself and pain when the Gastrocnemius ( calf Muscle) is contracted. Physiotherapy treatment involves pain management muscle healing support for the lower leg muscles via a heel raise and once the pain is under control a graduated programme of stretch and strengthening back to full function

Foot Pain at Greenacres

All of the above foot and leg conditions have one thing in common – The Foot and the need for good foot biomechanics and support.

Think of your foot like the foundations of your house. Before you start to put the walls and the roof on to it the foundation must be rock solid.

‘Your feet are the foundation of your body.  if your feet do not have good arch support , correct alignment and adequate movement through the bones allowing the foot to move freely many of the above conditions will result.

When involved in activities like running or even going up and down stairs your foot pressure increases four fold to equal your body weight. That is a lot of weight to be born by such small bones.

Over your life time it has been estimated that we will walk on average about 115,000 miles.

Women have four times as many foot problems as men because of wearing high heels forcing the feet into a squashed up unnatural position.

Posturepro  professional Foot Clinic

Our specialized foot clinic uses  state of the art ‘Gait Scan’ technology to analyze and record foot biomechanics in real time – giving an accurate and precise interpretation of your feet. This amazing technology is available at our clinic now. The scan produced will interpret your walking pattern and make it possible to determine if custom orthotics are required as the solution to your Foot and Knee problems.

Call us today to qualify for a Free Gait Scan at our weekly clinics. P) 82610177

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