For twenty years at least I have suffered with pain in my lower back and appendix area and also Chronic Constipation issues. This hindered any stretching, reaching, squatting and sitting activities. The ongoing dull ache around the appendix area at times increased on a pain scale to a nine out of ten.

Many and varied specialists and tests ( including a colonoscopy) have revealed nothing that was treatable. I was beginning to believe that I was a hypochondriac.

Since having the Soaztherapy approach at Posturepro, the constant ache has all but disappeared. I find I can use my Bowels much easier which I had previously not connected to pain or my other symptoms.

To be without ongoing and constant pain is such a relief and the relief from my Back pain has allowed me to maintain my active lifestyle.

L. T. Klemzig. Adelaide. S. Aust.
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