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Headache three years – no relief

50 year old male truck driver was referred to us with constant headaches over the last three years. Medications he was taking included a mix of: Panadeine, Panamax, Panadol, Panadol oste Nurofen Migraine and Nurofen plus.

Prior to seeing us he told us he had been seeing a therapist for monthly visits over the last 3 years and overall only achieved short term relief. Sometimes the relief would only hold for 2-3 days before the headache returned. He gauged the overall relief at 15%.

This man also reported that he suffered from low back and neck pain that worsened when he sat in his truck.

After 3 visits to our clinic, he reported all neck and low back pain had gone and after only 8 visits he reported his headaches had reduced by 80%. He is also not requiring his medication.

After 3 months with only 10 visits he is now reporting minimal headaches. The techniques he has been shown help him to avert a pending headaches.

His remark on achieving this was that he had resigned himself to the headaches and the medications as a way of life.

We did not treat his neck directly or his low back. Click here to View More