Not able to sleep because of pain and getting up about 5am every morning because of her mid back pain this lady was to the point of giving up hope of getting help.

She was also getting inside knee pain and groin pain on climbing stairs at work. On examination she showed very limited low back movement and turning of her trunk.

Her main complaint was not her mid back when she came to see us. She said she had given up hope of getting that area better after many years of therapy and massage. Her issue was her groin and knee pain.

After one visit her mid back pain disappeared, her groin and knee pain went after 5 visits.

This lady is now able to sleep through without getting up and cannot believe that her mid back pain has gone. As she put it. “ Everyone else I have seen has always gone directly onto the painful area to treat my back”. We did Not go to her area of pain. Click here to View more