32 year old primary school teacher came to see us on 17/1/12 with constant pain into his low back, neck and front of his chest for over 12 months. His pain interfered with his work and sleep and had prevented him from playing the sport he loved – volley ball. Other health practitioners he had seen over this period had provided minimal short term relief only.

During his postural examination the restrictions in his movements included : minimal arching back movement, half trunk rotation both sides, left hip extension was only 2 inches from floor and even though he had no shoulder pain, on checking these he could only raise these up to the height of his shoulders: he told me that they had been that way for a long time but didn’t worry about them because they did’nt give him any pain.

After two visits to us he reported being 50{aa08200f58e1be59f5321df11567a74927be23468567807ce8c9db9ed845c2fa} better with increased movement in all areas. On his third visit he had gained FULL Shoulder movement for both shoulders. His trunk movement was full his leg extension was full, his neck was moving further with minimal discomfort. He was able to sleep without the chest pain. He rated his improvement at 75{aa08200f58e1be59f5321df11567a74927be23468567807ce8c9db9ed845c2fa} better by his fourth visit.

He reported playing volley ball for the first time in a long while with no discomfort.

He said that when other health practitioners had treated him they went directly to his area of pain.

We did not treat directly onto his Back, Neck, Shoulders or Chest.

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