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I’m often asked why I don’t treat Back Pain to help people rid themselves of their Back Pain.

I answer by asking the question – Well if your car keeps wearing out the tyres, Why do you just keep changing them instead of fixing the alignment?

Traditional therapies treat only the symptoms of back pain where the pain is felt.

They do this by focusing on the area where the pain exists, in this case, the back.  This leads to the pain returning and with each subsequent episode it is usually worse than the time before, with the symptoms spreading or increasing in intensity.

See a review from a recent Client which is typical of what we achieve here:

“I’ve spent thousands of dollars on massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, stretching, yoga, and strength work over the years to try and resolve my tight hip flexors, and knee and lower back pain issues. While these have all helped to manage my pain, Julie has been the first to address the root cause rather than just symptoms. In just weeks of working with Julie I’ve had, by far, the biggest reduction in pain and improvements to my overall mobility and back strength than any of the previous treatments I’ve had. It’s not often that you come across someone that is truly remarkable and a leader in their field.”

Treating the cause of the pain, rather than the symptoms, is the way to resolve these problems ongoing.  At Posturepro we have an Evolutionary approach that gives you a new vision of the body – the SOAZ Method

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