Core Needs Soaz To Work Effectively

More on the Core and The Soaz and how they depend on each other to get you the Best result for you Back and Pelvic pain.

As a Physiotherapist, I have always prescribed Core work and still do. What I no longer do is give Core exercises to someone until they have Responsive Soaz Muscles. The reason for this is that Abdominal muscle work alone overpowers the Soaz and Spinal Extensor Muscles which are already overworked and usually have increased tone.

If just the Core ( Deep Abdominals ) alone are worked then Co-contraction of the two muscles results. This is like splinting of the two Muscle groups. This can result in the abdominal Organs being sandwiched between these two forces and causing impaired functioning of the Digestive and Elimination processes. Please visit my Case Studies and my Testimonials pages to see the result of the Soaz muscle having a direct effect on the Organs.

Call our clinic and learn the Secret to Treating this Muscle.

What do I mean by Responsive Soaz muscles. A Responsive Soaz muscle is one that moves and reacts in harmony to the demands made of it. Just Stretching or Poking this muscle does not release it. In fact the more harsh or aggresive you are to this muscle it just tightens up more. At Posturepro clinic We know the way to get this muscle Responsive and give you the best result for you Back and Pelvic pain.