Back Pain is like ‘The Joker’  Lurking in the background just waiting for you to plan a holiday or a family outing or an anniversary: and then it shows its ugly head. Unrepentant!

Lurking Sinister Malevolent and Unforgiving!

It doesn’t care what your plans are. It has its own agenda.

So many plans are ruined by back pain. I see it all the time.

How Back Pain Can Appear Out Of the Blue

You have organised to go overseas or meet up with some friends for lunch and you bend down to something so common like put on your socks or bend down to pull a weed in the garden and there it is again.

The Joker!!  is back

The Symptoms of Back Pain Can Vary

I have had people hobble into my clinic or walk in with their wife or son helping them because they can’t even stand straight.

They come to me because they have heard I have a different approach to back pain and they have been having their back pain treated for the last 40 years.

they have seen many therapists and they say that their back pain gets better and then it just shows up again.

Treating Back Pain will not Resolve Back Pain

I tell them that that is the problem. They have been getting their Back treated.

they look at me and wonder if I have understood what they have told me.

I then tell them that treating your back will not get rid of back pain.

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