or eggs and bacon. but bacon doesnt come from plastic bags and eggs dont come from cardboard boxes.

What is the connection between back pain and sciatica?. Well as a physiotherapist I know that the spinal nerves that exit out of our spine are surrounded by many other structures that can deteriorate and start to impinge onto the nerves that go into the legs. we call this referred pain because where the nerve in the spine is compromised is where the pain message that goes into the legs originates from. This message may take many forms, it may be pins and needles, it may be a numbness or it may be deep achy pain.

So, just like my eggs and bacon analogy above o.k. so you have Back pain and / or Sciatica. So what! Well what you have to do is understand Where they originate from so you can have the source of your back and sciatica treated.

The Soaz muscle is where you need to look to the cause.