Are You Still Getting Back Pain? then maybe you’re not getting the area treated that causes the pain.  You see at our clinic we have discovered the best way to treat and get ongoing relief  that does not treat the place of your pain.

How To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain

The research that I found back in my early years as a physiotherapist has led me to the evolutionary new method of treating back, groin, hip and leg pain and more.

This method is the Soaz method and it’s seen results that my clients have not seen or experienced before with many other therapies.

Why Haven’t I Heard About The Soaz Method?

Because I have not officially released the method out yet to the public. I have been treating with this method in my own clinic for over 15 years and over that time I have evolved it to what it is today.

So very soon I will be releasing this method out to teach other therapists about it.

Symptoms You May Be Experiencing

• Pain keeps returning
• Hard to get up from sitting
• Buttock or Leg pain starting
• Tingling going down the leg
• Hard to bend forward or arch
• Can’t join in with your kids sports
• Feeling like you’re letting everyone down
• Even though you have it treated it still comes back
• Your movement has gradually become worse

Want To Find A Long Lasting Solution?

The signs and symptoms above are indicators that what is Causing your pain has not been treated.
The method that we use at Posturepro treats the Cause and the Results speak for themselves.

Want to talk to us about the Solution?

Back pain can be fixed it does not have to be an ongoing burden.

Posturepro treat where the pain begins not where the pain is felt (the symptom). Want to find the solution?  Call us for a Free assessment and find out How.

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