These thongs are going off like ‘hot cakes’.  We are delighted to inform our clients that because of them and just word of mouth that the Archies thongs are jumping off the shelf.

No wonder with the hot weather just around the corner being able to wear a thong is heaven for the feet.

However, the typical thongs made of rubber and with no arch support can cause problems for the feet: not to mention the lack of any arch support.

The Archies are a lightweight memory foam and they are as light as a feather. The thong bit that goes between the toes is actually molded as part of the thong. That makes them less likely to break.

But the best part is the inbuilt arch support giving your feet the best comfort and aligning the foot correctly and also less of a ‘gripping’ action needed for the foot.

Come in and see our Archies and fall in love with them.