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Back pain is a Global Dilemma

By |2019-10-20T09:03:52+10:30October 20th, 2019|Posts|

Sitting is the a major cause to increase Low Back Pain. Our Postural muscles compress over our spine creating crumpling and shearing forces onto our spine and discs. this is the process that starts disc damage in the back. Standing desks can aleviate the problem temporarily.

Hot Flushes relieved quickly with Acupuncture

By |2019-10-12T15:16:18+10:30October 12th, 2019|Posts|

Hot flushes are no fun. Menopause is the usual cause. The symptoms are able to be controlled and even eliminated with Acupuncture. at Posturpro Julie Williams has had good success and one of her clients was able to come of her HRT after only two acupuncture treatments.

Pregnancy First Trimester & Back Pain

By |2019-10-05T15:08:14+10:30October 5th, 2019|Posts|

Pregnancy low back pain and Acupuncture. during the first trimester of pregnancy your body is going through hormonal changes that can make you feel like your body is not your own. These changes can include nausea sore breasts and Low back pain to name a few. One of the proven ways to help your back pain is Acupuncture it is safe and effective calming.

Movement improves in Parkinsons client Fast

By |2019-10-09T16:07:23+10:30September 21st, 2019|Posts|

Movement improves in Parkinsons client Fast! with the new movement physiostherapy approach to Back pain we had a great win recently with a Parkinsons patient who improved her movement all over her body and also her posture was realigned and her Back pain that she originally came in for is much better. Posturepro physiotherapy has the proven solution to movement and Back pain issues. Call us for a FREE Assessment to find out how we do things Differently,

The New Movement method for Headaches

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the New Movement for Headaches and Neck pain. Ongoing headaches and neck pain are created from Bad Posture When our low spine changes through our postural muscles then the upper spine also changes forcing our head forward. Posturepro have the proven solution to getting you headache Free.

Do you Still have Back Pain?

By |2019-09-07T15:23:40+10:30September 7th, 2019|Posts|

Back pain can be fixed it does not have to be an ongoing burden. Posturepro treat where the pain begins not where the pain is felt ( the symptom) Want to find the solution. Call us for a Free assessment and find out How.

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